Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 357

Only 8 more days. Oh my God...

My phone broke down, too, today. My technology equipment is falling apart, kinda like my body did. Oh well, I bought a new phone and I will set it up tomorrow. Tonight I had dinner in a civilized adult fashion with a friend in a restaurant. Must be an indication of regaining health. Tomorrow I will be at Annie's for Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning. I'm so glad I have this tradition that will stay in place. I need something secure and routine. I'm looking forward to just being there in a pretty place with people I love.

Meanwhile I feel like the picture taking project crashed, but I really do think I will pull it out of the hole before the end of the year. Today I let my battery completely drain. Very odd, I haven't done that since this spring, but because I've used it so infrequently this month, I was not prepared.

Anyway, I promise.... something good before the end. Merry Christmas everyone.

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  1. Sometimes things break down just as we are being broken open, and some new part of our soul sprouts forth. Be patient and kind with yourself, the way you are with others.