Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 339

It is Sunday night. Geoff, Edite and I went to DiPaolo's for dinner and it was extremely good tonight, and we didn't overeat. Amazing!!!. I needed to do a Sunday night come together family type thing. I need to know I have friends and family. I know to some that sounds pretty funny, but sometimes, especially on Sunday nights, especially on Sunday nights when I'm having an existential crisis, I need reassurance. Tonight was one of those nights. And they are there. Thank God! (or the Goddess)

OK, so I've become a more intentional photographer. I shoot less and I aim for certain times of day and certain subjects. In the beginning of this project I shot the boring and common everyday blah stuff, too. I've stopped, it really is blah stuff and not interesting to document. Also there are clear patterns in my photography and I think it would be really cool to treat it as data and have people respond to it. I'm working on an idea. I'll keep you informed.

Anybody want to guess what this is?

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