Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 337

This was left for me today as a multiholiday present. It was made by a friend's son who I know through school. He is a gifted artist. visit his website at His stuff is beautiful. He shows in Amherst, but you can explore his work on line. This gift gave several times over, but it is me who gets to keep it on her dresser. I asked for the hummingbird in honor of my attempts at bringing hummingbird into my life this summer, mainly through photography.
Thanks, Dave! I love it.

I'm still not well, and I've heard from colleagues that this thing can turn bad all of a sudden. Many people have had earaches and vertigo. My ear is definitely vulnerable. Oh well, I'll be good this weekend.

Today I drove to the airport and back again. It gave me time to think and then to mull my thoughts over with a good friend. What we were talking about was the need to find a spiritual centeredness, a comfort that allows one to just do the things one needs to do to take care of oneself. It's hard in this world. Life is challenging for people and drama is happening all around. To find space for oneself is hard. But I think it is my new journey and I may find it through creativity.

I went and priced mats and frames today for 20 11x14 s.

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