Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 336

I'm going back to acupressure.

Just so everyone knows, once that sunrise diminished it was a cold and sunny day today. Last year our first big storm was on Dec. 3rd, I think we'll make it past that.

Noah's been in my blog a couple times this week, that's cause I'm really happy for him. He is one of my students, but he is also family in a circuitous way. He is an employee and friend of Tristan's, and we all know that the Tolenos are my 2nd family. So that makes me and Noah family. Did you get that? Good.

Yesterday I did a lot of thinking about the process of sharing this year. I am definitely going to do an open house gallery exhibit. It's happening. I'll let people know that date etc. as soon as I get it. Meanwhile, I have to chose the photos to use in the exhibit. My choices are different daily, totally dependent on my mood. It will be very interesting to figure out how to make the final choice.

I am so happy watching Emma swim. She is so happy and focused. I love it. I'm getting back in the water this month. PROMISE.

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