Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 338

Christmas Season is upon us, the traffic has doubled. Every church in the valley had a tagsale or bizarre today. All tables at Barnes and Noble were taken. I'm doing a survey. What was your favorite book of 2010? So far Isabel Allende is winning. How do you spell it? Mine was Water For Elephants, although I may have actrually read it in 2009. I find it fascinating that I don't talk about books at all in this blog when they take up an eighth of my life.

Michelle and I don't get to see each other enough. Although she is much younger than me we have a lot in common and find it really easy to talk with each other. Today we got to hang out and we went to Barnes and Noble.
I also went to look for a new lens, but unfortunately I have to go to the big mall to get a Pentax... Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

So you know I've been thinking about this spiritual stuff a lot recently, and it comes in all forms for me. Today I left Michelle and went up to Emma's school where she and her friends and mother were helping at the school's Holiday Rumpus. The fourth graders have an exhibit up on things the made and wrote defining what "hope" means to them. Emma made a God's eye and wrote the following:

It maybe a little simple, but I think it is appropriate for where I am at these days.

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